Balanced health with homeopathy is my philosophy to health. Through using homeopathy, I aim to ‘rebalance’ the body so that it can heal itself again. I treat the ‘whole person’ and recognise the individual’s unique symptoms to provide the most appropriate homeopathic treatment.

Having always been interested in alternative approaches to health, I became much more involved with homeopathy after my first child was born - over 11 years ago now! As two more children appeared, I quickly became fascinated with how homeopathy can effectively help many childhood ailments as well as alleviating many pregnancy-related issues. This particular interest in pregnancy and childhood health remains very important to me.

The beauty with homeopathy is that you can treat minor illnesses and first-aid situations at home with a good reference book on homeopathy. I did this for several years but as my involvement with the world of homeopathy grew, I decided to commit to a career in homeopathy. Following a four year professional training course at The Homeopathic College of East Anglia (HCEA) in Norwich, I graduated in 2007. As an RSHom, I am registered with The Society of Homeopaths through whom I have professional insurance. This also means that I adhere to The Society’s Code of Ethics and Practice.

I believe it is always important to fully research ill-health and disease as well as investigating all treatment options. You will receive full support throughout your treatment and I will direct to other therapies if I feel this is appropriate for up. My professional training at HCEA enabled me to learn many approaches to general health and homeopathy plus how to integrate it into our modern world. I believe it is important to use what traditional medicine can offer us and I will always aim to use homeopathy in a flexible way - we need all the help we can get!

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