Welcome to Homeopathy and Health. I am a fully registered and insured homeopath with The Society of Homeopaths and hold clinics in Fressingfield, Halesworth (The Harmony Centre) and Bury St Edmunds (Mount Farm Surgery) to cover the Suffolk and Norfolk areas.

Balance remains fundamental to our ongoing well-being and homeopathy plays a vital role in maintaining health and preventing disease. Good health and energy involves our physical body being well together with balanced mental and emotional states. When we become ill, our body sometimes needs extra help to regain its health and its balance.

Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine that can help almost any condition. Long-standing complaints can benefit as can short-term illnesses and first aid situations. Homeopathic treatment is gentle, effective and safe for everyone to use, for babies through to those aged 100 and beyond! We are all different and as a holistic therapy, homeopathy recognises our individuality rather than simply treating a disease process. Importantly in our modern world, homeopathy integrates well with conventional medicines and other therapies.

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